Backstage Tokyo showcases a selection of 12 very different projects, emphasizing the significance of the process behind each universe. From initial sketch, to trials to finished pieces, the exhibition offers insight to the creative process of one of the most renowned Spanish designers of our time: Jaime Hayon. From hand turned wood to upholstery, ceramics or glass in Backstage there are examples of both hand made and industrial processes traditional and modern using a wide variety of materials and techniques.

Each of Hayon’s designs is expressed in a unique and exceptional language, the “Hayon Universe”, which puts him on the frontline of international design. His work transmits strength, character and passion but is at the same time full of delicate and exquisite forms, paying close attention to detail and infusing everyday objects with a sense of humor and fun. True to his Mediterranean roots he has mastered color and light techniques that give his pieces a bright and bold character. The audacity with which he is capable of fusing art and design makes each piece, each drawing, each embellishment, perfectly and undeniably his.

Hayon’s esteem for and knowledge of artisan skills and his inherent creativity have allowed him to push the boundaries of many mediums and functions, resulting in collections for very diverse clients. His concern for the conservation of craft skills has joined his path with high-end traditional companies concerned with the evolution of their work. The choice of Jaime Hayon for an exhibition hosted in Japan is not arbitrary. His creations perfectly reflect a shared and dearly held value both in Spain and Japan: the marriage between craftsmanship and industry and the respect for tradition as it blends with modernity.