Jaime Hayon – special guest at Feria Hábitat Valencia

September 18 – 22

Internationally renowned Spanish designer, Jaime Hayon (Madrid, 1974), focuses people’s attention on the next edition of Feria Hábitat Valencia, in which he will participate with an exhibit of some of this most emblematic works. This exhibit, which will occupy a privileged place in Feria Valencia’s Pavilion 1 next to the vanguard firms’ production exhibit, “Flash Hábitat Valencia”, will also reflect Hayon’s work in other domains. For instance, it will include samples of his designs for Camper, for which he has designed not only several concept shops, but also a footwear collection. The Hayon exhibit will occupy the central “Flash Hábitat Valencia” area, and the pieces will be arranged in a circular fashion as if to mark the hours on a simulated large clock, a clock which will reflect Hayon’s brilliant career.