With the Wittmann Hayon Workshop, a new style has been born: eclectic, exciting, Mediterranean-baroque and yet timeless. It was created by the playful collaboration between the hyper-creative Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon, and the Austrian manufacturer Wittmann. It embodies vitality and confidence, just as their role models from the grand era of Viennese Modernism. 

Vuelta Sofa Rotation, turning, return – these are the meanings of the Spanish word Vuelta. The backrest rotates playfully around the corner, becomes the armrest, continues on to the sitter – or recliner–in order to enclose them, as in an embrace. The special shape is divided by expertly crafted seam patterns, as a reminiscence of Josef Hoffmann. Available in 3 widths: 197, 265, 311, height 77 depth 83 Frame aluminium powder coated bronze colours, optionally available in black and 3 grey tones.

Vuelta Lounge Chair It radiates through its unusual proportions, a special charm as a solitary character or the perfect counterpart for the Vuelta Sofa. The large Lounge Chair (width 80, depth 82, height 75) with its articulating seam patterns are reminiscent of Viennese Modernism whereas the compact small armchair (width 72, depth 67, height 75), however, looks like a small,enchanting monolithic sculpture.

VueltaHigh Back Chair The wing chair is a tribute with a wink to the history ofAustrian design. A gentle, soft flowing upholstery is framed by curved bentwood: a masterpiece of subtle design and relaxed seating: the highly-comfortable upholstery with pocket springs and the small stools provide hours of comfortable sitting. Bentwood black beech with cushion in black oak, or walnut bentwood with cushion in walnut Width 65, depth 89, height 112

DD Table These tables bring refinement to any furnishingswith their playful use of precious materials and the subtle break in the lines. Two table tops, the bottom covered with leather, the top available in leather or marble, are connected withaluminium rods. They are offset, thereby generating a tension that is reminiscent of some of the designs of Josef Hoffmann. Diameter / height: 30/50, 60/40, 90 / 35.120 / 35 Lower shelf of leather in many different colours, Upper table top, marble in 4 colours Bars, powder-coated aluminium in bronze colours, also available in black and 3 grey tones

Grain Cut Side Table It is a sculpture, or a table – elaborately turned from a solid block of wood. As a side table, the Grain Cut Side Table can be placed wherever it is needed due to its flexible handles. It is a shelf for your favourite book or a glass of wine or cup of tea. As a sculpture in the room it attracts attention and sparks discussions about art and design. Diameter/height: 42/40

Leather Side Table They look like mythical creatures in the room, standing confidently on three legs -or- one, next to a sofa and armchairs. They are also masterpieces of leather craftsmanship, with a soft leather covered body and noble marble cover plates. Diameter/height: 30/45, 50/40

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