Wittmann Hayon Workshop new pieces


My private island: a classic free-standing chaise longue is always something of a private retreat, even when it is part of a larger ensemble. Vuelta’s sensual lines have found a logical progression in this chaise longue (W 190cm). The distinctive upholstery of the backrest that gives Vuelta its unmistakable character sweeps protectively around the headrest of this day bed, creating an island that can be shared – but need not be.

MD Shelf

An extrovert performer that doesn’t steal the show. With the MD Shelf, you can set beautiful and treasured objects on silky smooth leather shelves – seemingly floating on air thanks to delicate-looking, asymmetrically positioned brackets made from textured powder-coated metal. The tactile experience – leather, cool metal with a textured coating – and the attraction of a broad spectrum of colours stems from the colourful world of the designer. Wittmann has executed the precision handcraftsmanship behind the idea with incomparable finesse.

Wings Bed

Sweet dreams come easily on wings… The tillable side wings of the Wings Bed are at the heart of an interplay between intimacy and openness. They cradle the person sleeping like a cocoon, or open up to transform the bedroom into a place where people wish to spend time – and not just at night. Leathercovered nightstands and adjustable LED reading spotlights are carried by a slender, textured powdercoatedframe finished in black.

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