For the Salone del Mobile 2014, Cassina and Jaime Hayon launch Vico: a new two and three-seater sofa and armchair, named after Hayon’s son as a special tribute. The project takes on a natural approach which unearths our innate desire to nest, to curl up in an organic shape and relax, without sacrificing the contemporary form, structure, and comfort which characterises Italian design.

Hayon, always concerned with the production of finely crafted objects, thoroughly researched the heritage of Italian design and, by studying Cassina’s archives in particular from the 1950’s and 60’s, pinpointed several distinctive elements regarding the sofa to develop into a contemporary context. The result is surprising; the fluidity and sinuosity of the design, personalized with Hayon’s own characteristic style, has been interpreted through a typical Cassina filter, making the piece more essential and less decorative than many of his previous projects.

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