Passepartout lamps for &Tradition

Just like the name implies, the Passepartout Lamps by Spanish artist / de-signer Jaime Hayon act almost like a frame that enhances the visual appeal of whatever they are illuminating. For every type of architectural setting, these lamps are sensational ambiant devices which can be used to enhance unique form.

How do you add a lamp to illuminate a space – without the lamp being too anonymous or too imposing? It is a question Hayon has often asked himself. “The answer came from the picture frame. The picture is the focus and the frame is there to guide your eyes to it. Of course, with a lamp you have light, without it you have darkness. So the lamp is actually the unsung hero that brings any setting to life.”

Place the Passepartout Lamps on the wall or ceiling, in the living room or corridor and they will never look out of place. Choose from three differ-white. With the Passepartout lamps, you can even cluster the various colours and shapes together to create a unique aesthetic effect.

As for the illumination factor, it is nothing less than fantastic. The Passepartout Lamps use built-in LED technology that ensures an energy-designed to provide illumination that is soft and soothing, emitting a light that’s dispersed uniformly throughout the space. According to &tradition’s Brand Director Martin Kornbek Hansen, “With the Passepartout Lamps, we have combined decorative and technical lighting private and architectural buildings. Available in a variety of shapes and colours that add a decorative accent – with a touch of personality.” work extends from furniture, lighting and home accessories to hotel and retail interiors, as well as ceramics, shoes and timepieces. &tradition is a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation. Our unique portfolio of furniture and lighting spans from the 1930s to the present day and includes designs by internationally renowned designers.





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