Palette Tables for &Tradition

Recalling inspiration from Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures, Spanish artist / designer Jaime Hayon creates a harmonious composite of disparate sizes, shapes, colours and materials which elegantly come together in a cohesive design.

“I’ve been fascinated by Alexander Calder for ages,” admits Hayon. “He was the originator of the mobile. While everyone was drawing on paper, Calder transformed abstract drawings into 3D linear sculptures. With the Hayon Lounge Tables, you get a similar sense of equilibrium from any angle. A feeling of motion in a static object, merging the elegance of marble with the strength of metal and the lightness of wood.”

Each table beautifully balances different shapes at varying heights which form a unified whole. Featuring a painter’s palette shape, a circle, a rounded rectangle, an elongated oval and a hexagon. Hayon expertly orchestrates each collage of sizes and shapes.

Adding even more appeal is a compelling mix of materials. Including marble, such as polished Nero Marquina, Rosso Levanto and honed Bianco Carrara. Ash veneer makes its way in stained dark grey, blue or pale pink. Meanwhile steel as the armature keeping these diverse shapes affixed – almost in suspended animation.

As &tradition’s Brand Director Martin Kornbek Hansen sees it, “I love Hayon’s uncanny ability to mix and mismatch every design parameter into one holistic table that would welcome any coffee cup or cosy conversation. Achieved with Hayon’s typical, playful approach to practicality – with plenty of personality.


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