Palette Desk for & Tradition

Spanish artist / designer Jaime Hayon brings a suspended sense of animation to a new series of desks which partner two different shapes together in a mix of materials. The result is a freeze frame of motion in a doublelevel design reminiscent of Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures.

“Calder transformed a 2D object into an enthralling 3D kinetic experience” says Hayon. “At first his mobiles appear flat, until the slightess breeze rushes in , breathing life into these simple geometric shapes. When I first saw them   I was almost mesmerised. My Palette Desk is an homage to this supremely simple concept of poetry in motion. As I see it, a desk is where we are supposed to sit still and make decisions. And yet, it is also where we find distracctions. For the Palette Desk, I merged two different sized shapes  in contrasting materials to hopefully bring a cohesive sense of order out of chaos.”

An elongated bean shape and a small round shape are the two differ-ent elements appearing in various colours and materials which converge together to create a brilliant balancing act, secured by a metal armature. For the table tops look for an elegant choice between either honed Bianco Carrara marble, Nero Marquina marble, or satin polished brass. Adding earthiness is the option of stained ash veneer in red, grey-green or black. Adding a contemporary touch is powder coated steel tubes as the base. It’s this contrast from coupling diverse colours and materials that creates cohesion. For Martin Kornbek Hansen, &tradition’s Brand Director, “Hayon adds a Spanish accent to our Scandinavian sensibility. With the Palette Desk, he creates a new design lingo by fusing different shapes and materials into a hybrid that is harmonious and holistic.”


Trangravsvej 24, 1436 Copenhagen K

+45 3920 0233


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