Materico by Jaime Hayon for Toyo

MATERICO by Jaime Hayon for TOYO manifests a powerful vision: that through joy and elegance, the bathroom can be elevated to the same level of importance as the living room. Hayon brings his characterful design and the idea of elegance to the bathroom, with the same attention to craft and emotion as he applies to lounge chairs and sofas. “A hundred years ago, the bathroom was as important as other rooms in the home – the Victorian era and even the age of Art Deco,” says Hayon, “but in the last few decades, we’ve lost that spirit in favor of clinical, asceptic spaces.”

Bathroom design has a special place in the practice of Jaime Hayon. After all, it was 10 years ago that Hayon launched his career with a collection so surprisingly elegant for bathroom, it was exhibited at the London Design Museum. Today in collaboration with TOYO, Hayon brings 10 years of further development to bear in a new bathroom collection, through noble materials such as marble, wood, and of course stainless steel, TOYO’s area of expertise. Hayon concludes, “MATERICO brings glamour – together with function – back to bathrooms.”

Toyo Kitchen & Living Co., Ltd.

2-21 Issha, Meito-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

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