Hayon x Nani rug for Nani Marquina

The perfect gift for a 30-year milestone, the Hayón x Nani is a dreamy, wild collection with a great sense of humour.

Created with the hand tufting technique, a manually operated pistol injects pieces of wool, intuitive and fluid lines are achieved, as well as an organic composition. The definitive and faithful reproduction of the original sketch by the designer.

A first glance reveals a chaotic tangle of colours and shapes that invade the rug. However, after looking carefully, the imagination of Jaime Hayón springs to life: turtles, lips, hands, stools, fish, half men – half birds…

 “Who better than Jaime and his surreal world full of characters, to celebrate our 30th anniversary? Someone who defies conventions and evokes smiles, vitality, a joy for life… Momentous anniversaries don’t occur every day…” Nani Marquina.

The elements have been distributed in such a manner that the rug can be observed from different angles. The collection comprises two models and four sizes. The square model has been specially designed to hang on a wall as a tapestry.



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