Fri For Fritz Hansen

Fri™ is the new armchair by Jaime Hayon. It is a natural extension of Ro™. While Ro™ offers a calm and sheltered space for relaxation and reflection, however, Fri™ encourages you to be part of the environment and join in. Fri™ is all about the life that is going on around you.

Fri™ is designed to create a cosy feel in any setting. Of course, it takes more than a chair to create that ambience, but Fri™ is a first step towards bringing this exceptional atmosphere into your life, as Fri™ is designed to put you in the mood for connecting with others and to contribute a pleasant and open atmosphere. Fri™ creates a space where you can feel relaxed and comfortable without feeling withdrawn or unapproachable. Where you can spend quality time and take part in the meaningful moments of everyday life at home, at the office or in a restaurant.

Fritz Hansen A/S Allerødvej  8

DK-3450 Allerød Danmark

Tel +45 48 17 23 00

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