FORMA / Choemon Gama Porcelain

Hirotoshi Maruwaka, the producer of Maruwakaya, asked Hayon if he was interested in working with Kamide Choemon-gama, a pottery of one of Japan’s most acclaimed traditional porcelain crafts, Kutaniyaki. The answer was a resounding yes. Drawing from key ideas in Japanese culture concerning relations and links between the people at the table, food, seasons and table wares, the goal was to create pieces that help people recognise these relationships. The resulting ‘FORMA’ series of beautifully crafted bowls, cups and vessels is a sensitive balance between the design ideals and philosophies of two cultures. First shown in 2010 in a palette of rich blue and white with red accents, this elegant white and gold collection for 2012 draws attention away from pattern to focus on the simplcity and elegance of the forms themselves.

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