Catch Lounge for &Tradition

In response to the successful launch of &tradition’s catch chair by acclaimed designer jaime hayon, followed by our swivel based version, we are pleased to introduce this newest member of the series:

The Catch Lounge Chair.

With its outstretched arms like a friend ready to greet you with a warm, welcoming hug, the Catch Lounge Chair builds on Hayon’s penchant for humour and personification. At the same time, it introduces a higher back and elongated seat in a singular shell supported by a metal armature. The result is a leisure chair that’s angled back just a bit – so you can sit down, relax and, as the name implies – lounge.

“The more we work with Hayon, the more we appreciate his ability to bringhumanity and warmth to all his concepts,” says &tradition Brand DirectorMartin Kornbek Hansen. “Historically, classic lounge chairs had a somewhat aloof aspect to them. However Hayon has managed to make the Catch Lounge Chair more personal and inclusive, setting the scene for a more intimate atmosphere and conversation. Which coincides with our Danish idea of cosy. Something we call hyggeligt.“

As Hayon sees it, “A lounge chair should be inviting to look at. In a way, it should be almost irresistible. Meaning you can’t help but sit back, get comfortable and have a chat. That’s what I wanted to achieve. With the added element of the two arms, like a friend, happy to welcome you.”


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