Bosa By Hayon

Hayon has collaborated with Bosa Ceramiche for over a decade. Various collections have been designed throughout the years. A family run business based in Borsa del Grappa, is fully dedicated to creating the finest ceramic crafts. ‘Hope Bird’ is a tabletop-sized sculpture that symbolises the importance of “an optimistic approach to what lies ahead”. Designed for Italian ceramics manufacturer Bosa, the Hope Bird stands tall and proud in a watchful position, working to convey a message about “standing tall” and being positive. As the Hope Bird looks toward the horizon, the 72cm-high sculpture invites viewers to reflect on why it is important to have a “glass half full” attitude. New ceramic side tables in two distinctive shapes, using contrasting metallic laquer finishes. The mushroom shaped ‘T-Table’ comes in gold, copper or white. The ‘Joya’ tables have a contrasting metallic finsih with angled diamond shaped edges curved around the top. ‘Horamur’, this elegant piece is made in white leather and ceramic.The use of a leather strap and shape of the ceramic piece – reminiscent of a decorative plate – invokes historic kitchens and practicality with a modern, decorative twist. ‘Fantasmico’ is reinterpretation of a mantel clock has a ghostly silhouette – quiet wink to the traditional historical mantel clocks that are often dark and gloomy.  ’Fantasmico’ is a simple and contemporary version of this decorative/utilitarian piece.