Baccarat Candy Lights

It has the attraction of a character in a play, ready to go on stage – all restrained but elegant, unashamedly possessed by its history. Jaime Hayon has now created his first lamps for Baccarat. A lighting design personified in three colours (copper, platinum and white), based on a same creative script. Named Candy Light, the trio of lamps is a distillation of rich textures and materials, a subtle conjoining of ceramic base and clear, cut-crystal shade. Delicately inserted into the base, the switch embodied by a Baccarat red crystal pendant triggers and diffuses the light even as it controls it. Between its ceramic base and its crystal shade the outline takes shape and creates an impression of bountiful perfection, enhanced, when lit, by a delicately embossed waffle collar. When the object turns into a living presence, Hayon transmutes the crystal into a light finery and the surrounding space becomes inhabited.

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