Jaime Hayon has designed Analog for Republic of Fritz Hansen. The table is celebrating the authentic way of connecting with people around a table by bringing us closer. The world is filled with communication through digital devices. Analog provides a space where no device is needed. The table promotes a return to the genuine togetherness that is a stark contrast to the digital life we face with demands of constant on-line presence. Analog gives you an invitation to engage, to share, to be intimate and present – to be off-line.

Analog is not a square, not a circle, not an oval – it is a new form that takes the best from the three classic shapes and brings them together in a new, organic form. There is no hierarchy, just a beautiful platform for conversations which is a perfect match for modern relationships among family members, friends and colleagues.

“The table is an underrated piece of furniture. In my eyes, the table is the heart of the home, the heart of the office, the heart of the restaurant. At the table, we share our greatest joys and sorrows, and at the end of the day, some of the greatest things in life happens at the table. What makes Analog unique is its shape. It’s neither square, round nor oval but something in between, which supports dialogue and intimacy. I have worked a lot with the shape of the table and the way in which it is simultaneously heavy and light, so that it exudes quality and possesses that special Fritz Hansen DNA,” says Jaime Hayon, designer.

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