Mon Cirque

Mon Cirque is Hayon’s vision of a large oniric metaphor. A place that symbolizes his hope of artistic freedom, where the designers work is free to transcend the frontiers built between design and art. The classical colorfulness of the circus is replaced by a more serious and elegant contrast between black, white and gold: Cirque de lux.Vases become characters, clowns become lamps, plates used as canvas, tables grow legs. A sophisticated ambient replaces the decadent circus. A new world has been born: Mon Cirque. Craftsmanship is a key element to Mon Cirque. Avoiding the use of molds, a return to the hand made object where each piece is unique in its existence, like the characters they represent. Mon Cirque has traveled to Minneapolis, Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris and Cologne. It continues to move on, like a circus should.