Kuriopotek, The Garden of Wonders

BE OPEN, the international foundation which operates in the field of design and creativity, has chosen the Botanical Garden of Brera as the amazing background of a sophisticated interdisciplinary project whose central theme is perfume.

The research will be presented on the occasion of EXPO 2015 in May, with a special preview during the Milan Design Week in April, due to the aesthetic and philosophical features this products embodies.

The exhibition is the second stop of the global project “Made in…”, an investigative tour on the virtuous relationship between contemporary design and the excellence of small producers at the four corners of the earth. The research on perfume focuses on the heritage of values of small business realities,communities which have been able to pass on traditions, expertise and relationships over the years.

Jaime Hayon approaches the forgotten fragrance brand FELIX BOISSARD by looking through the lens of an old-time alchemist, bringing the brand into the present through a Lab of Fantasy. A whimsical scent lab is anchored by a grand table and a cabinet of curiosity, filled with a melange of vessels, lamps, perfume bottles, and other accoutrement of a wizard’s workspace, each surreal element expertly crafted with impeccable technique. Noble materials such as glass, ceramic, and leather, are mixed in an explosion of forms. By day, it’s a glimmering mix of materiality and wonder, and by night, it lights up into a sparkling dream world.



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